Okay, so the name just sounds dirty...like something that should be found in a sex shop. It sounds even dirtier when inquisitive people ask what it does. "It's an oral stimulator." The looks I've gotten! Anyway...

The back story: Our older son had sensory integration issues when he was younger (just another aspect of raising a special needs child), but I must say this thing really helped him a lot. He stopped chewing on his sleeves and his neckband for one. He also stopped gagging from eating certain textured foods like applesauce.

The Z-Vibe is a pen-like wand that vibrates, offering oral sensory input. It was designed by a speech pathologist, and has been used by Occupational Therapists and SLPs for a long time. It's FDA approved, made of aluminum and medical grade plastic, and latex free.

So then comes young Master Alexander. Teething was a pain in the neck....so I dug back out the Z-Vibe. He loved, loved this thing for his sore gums. It was also a great distraction at restaurants when he'd just about had it and was on the brink of a fussy fit, too :0)

Beyond Play in Berkley sells them via their on-line website.