So there’s this little organic fresh and frozen yogurt shop on Emerson in Palo Alto called Fraîche. It sells probably the BEST frozen yogurt I’ve ever had (and, yes, I’ve been to Pinkberry!). Fraîche specializes in European-style tart yogurt. The yogurt base is organic, non-fat, and low sugar (I counter this by adding lots of Callebaut chocolate shavings). You then can add any number of delicious toppings like fresh berries, puree sauces, homemade granola, nuts, etc. We tried the fresh organic yogurt once, and I’ve got to say it’s SUPER tart. If you love that sort of thing this one’s for you...

On top of their awesome frozen and fresh yogurts, they have excellent organic micro-roaster coffee...nothing like a nice dinner and Fraîche for dessert...or in our case sometimes we skip dinner and go straight to dessert!

They are kindof cranky about photography in the shop (okay, really cranky), but I got this one of my dish before I dug in...

UPDATE: It's been almost 6 months since discovering the wondrous world of Fraîche. We are there at least three times a week...people yell at me for driving to Pali just for yogurt, but they don't understand...


KNOCK KNOCK fun pads

Okay, I’m a huge fan of all the Knock Knock products (they make great stocking stuffers!), but the “Don’t Kill the Kids” one is my favorite. I’ve left this form for babysitters and they’ve all thought it was pretty darn funny...and helpful! From practicalities like emergency numbers and bedtimes to absolute no-no’s, Knock Knock takes concise, straight-forward directions to a new level of cool.

Paper Source at Santana Row has a nice selection, and so does the Art Store on Van Ness in San Francisco.