Don't Eat the Marshmallow!

This is by far one of my favorite lectures this year. Joachim de Posada explains the importance of self-control and life-long success. The little kids are pretty adorable, too ;0)

Check it out!


I'm going on a trip, and with me I'm takin'...

  • 1 toddler (2.4 year old, 36-pound body of pure obstinate bliss)
  • 1 stuffed panda
  • 1 ultra-light FAA approved booster carseat with restraint system (I checked out the CARES restraint but it's not 5 point)
  • 1 Cheeky Monkey Pac Back
  • 1 fully loaded 64 GB, 6 hour run time iPod Touch with protective cover and headphones
  • 1 Silver Cross Mini pushchair (to be checked at gate)
  • 1 Patemm pad (airplane bathrooms are gross)
  • 1 spill proof sippy cup
  • 1 backpack stuffed to the hilt with wrapped, inexpensive treats, toys, and distractions.
  • 2 Pre-filled Children's Benadryl packets (don't judge, it works for us), and a pack of Hyland's Calms Forte.
  • 1 mini first aid kit (band aids, Tylenol, a few horse tranquilizers for myself)
  • 2 plastic bags (vomit happens)
  • 2 change of clothes (again, vomit happens)
  • 3 magazines for me (it might happen, or at the very least he can rip them to shreds...might provide 10 minutes of fun)
  • 5 organic lollipops
  • 10 diapers and full pack of wipes (because you never know how many you'll need)
  • Various snacks and pre-packaged favorite foods
  • Cash


Halloween Fiesta!

Our friends threw a Halloween birthday party last weekend for their son who was born on October 31st! The kids all dressed up in their costumes, and we ate some pretty incredible paella, too! :0)


It's on! I'm lucky enough to count myself as one of the Trekaroo contributors for SuiteTrip.com. Fellow Treakroo writer, Esther Lee, and I join an awesome group of writers: Beth Blair, Jennifer Miner, and Kara Williams (The Vacation Gals), Grant Martin and Scott Carmichael (Gadling), Lisa McElroy (Suite Living), and fellow Bay Area Mom, Jamie Pearson of (Travel Savvy Mom).

Today SuiteTrip launched their site for all the world to see. Under the umbrella of Homewood Suites Hilton, the site allows you to check out awesome travel tips like budget vacations, family friendly destination spots, and what to pack!


Parent Dish Daily Cuties

I got a message from a friend on Facebook today informing me she saw my kids featured as the "Daily Cutie" on Parentdish.com today!

Makes me happy since I love this photo :0)


Alexander Peers Park

Our family has really come to enjoy Alexander Peers Park. Having two kids that are very spread out in age (6 years) there's something for both of them to enjoy, and plenty of shade for us parental units. There are several tennis courts, a wide open space for running, and a really cool rock-form play structure. It's also set back from the street, and is along the train line. Every now and then you get an opportunity to point and hear the Caltrain whoosh by!


Oregon Shakespeare Festival

We went to Ashland, Oregon last weekend for our annual meet up with family, and to catch a few plays. If you've got yourself a budding thespian (and we do), don't miss an opportunity to partake in some incredible shows! Ashland is located about 6 hours north of here in a tiny hamlet town that's reminiscent of an Old World society full of scholars and poets (and there are troubadours!). It's also worth mentioning the killer coffee shops, the great dining options, fantasy stores, hiking trails, and parks.

Lilith Park
OSF plays 9 months of the year, and boasts one of the largest repertories in the country. They bring in notable actors and artists from all around, and were even written up in NY Times this year!

There are several different theaters including an outdoor venue. It's so wonderful to drink mulled wine under the stars listening to iambic pentameter lilt away. Insanely enough, the kids pick up on it pretty quickly, and the actors are typically very physical with lots of gestures and body language. The minimum age to see a play is 6. Every year there are several family friendly plays and musicals both by Shakespeare and other notable writers. This year we saw Much Ado about Nothing, Don Quixote, and Music Man. If you have other younger ones and no one to watch the kids there are reputable daycare providers available (and pet sitters that will massage and walk fido, too, go figure).

The nicest thing about OSF is most of the actors in the company are down to earth, friendly, and typically live in town. Last year, we took the backstage tour and were guided by one of the leads from the show we saw the previous night! Matthew thought that was totally cool! We learned about how sets were designed, and how costumes are made. We even hung out in the green room, and learned more about life as a new actor!

Mark Bredard, our tour guide and principle actor
Can't make it up to Oregon? Arrange for OSF to come to your child's school! The company has a visit program that will work directly with your curriculum and teacher to bring Shakespeare to your young ones in a fun and dynamic way.