Want to go on an adventure? J.M. Barrie's beloved childhood story, Peter Pan, comes to San Francisco for it's U.S premier 360 production. Housed in a state of the art CGI theater, Peter Pan is performed in a round tent that is surrounded with high resolution video to fully immerse the audience in a multi-media experience that won't be soon forgotten! Actors and professionals integrate stage performance, music, computers, and video to create a sensory adventure for all ages.

We're heading to SF for our viewing this Wednesday (Math can't wait!)...I'll be sure to provide a more detailed review after!

Peter Pan will be performing Tue & Thur at 7PM, Fri & Sat at 7:30 PM, Wed & Sat at 2PM and Sundays at 1PM and 5PM. It's located at The threesixty Theatre at Ferry Park.

Tickets can be purchased here or you can call 415.551.2056


Have You Read "Three Cups of Tea"?

Last year the the bookgroup I'm part of read the book "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson, and then we had a tea party to celebrate this wonderful inspirational story. Unfortunately, at the time, we were unable to procure any rancid yak butter, but a member made some fantastic traditional Chai in it's stead...omg, yum!

Synapse Institute, the progressive lab school my son attends, has been inspired by the book, too! The students have decided to put on a garage sale to raise money for Pennies for Peace, an organization put together by the author. The proceeds will be sent to help students in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This is a fun and interactive way to show your kids the spirit of citizenship in action, and heck, you might pick up a used Burberry bag for a steal ;0)

Located at 305 N. California Ave in Palo Alto from 8:30am-2pm this Saturday, March 20th.

Any donations to put up for sale are welcome, and can be dropped off at the above location anytime before Friday afternoon.

For the Facebook info page go here .
For more info go here .
For more info about the organization Pennies for Peace go here .



We did our first trip to the Exploratorium last month for a field trip with Math's school. Woah! So cool...especially the grounds surrounding the building. All the moms were all saying how we'd love to have gotten married right under one of those amazing arches...

First off, place was fantastic for kids of all ages (though toddlers might be a little tough, there was a space for them to play, too). We had kids ages 5-12 and all of them had a blast! There was tons of things to touch and explore and experiment. The kids got to watch a cow eye dissection (their faces were pretty priceless), and they enjoyed roaming around with free-reign of the entire space. We went during a week-day and there were plenty of schools there for field trips. The food from the cafeteria was pretty decent, and they had a nice selection of healthy options. I noticed that as we were leaving (around 2pm), the whole place was near empty...so if you are visiting during during the week that would be an ideal time to start!

To quote The Terminator, "We'll be back..."


Baby Shower Blvd!

I have a wonderful friend in my neighborhood who makes the most fantastic shower gifts! She also happens to be a very accomplished cook and baker. She recently started her own business called Baby Shower Blvd that specializes in beautiful custom diaper cakes and party favors. Wouldn't these be a perfect centerpiece to any beloved new mom's celebration or child's birthday party?

Photos by Sharma Podila


Why You Need a Network of Moms...

I have this group of friends who I've made over the years. We met when my oldest started Kindergarten and our children have grown up together through the years. Most of us had moved to California away from home and family. Our children now go to different schools, but we still maintain a friendship and connection. Together we created our own family of moms...we've grown together as parents and friends. We meet for coffee, we meet to discuss books, we meet at the park, we meet to discuss marriage. We've supported each other through hard times, and shared each other's triumphs and joys. We've cried together, and laughed together, and commiserated the pains of childhood and parenthood.

And yesterday, while I was hopped up on pain meds, and covered in ice packs I totally appreciated yet again how wonderful my network of moms is. They took the son, gave me time to sleep and recover, called to see how I was feeling...

Thanks ladies, love and appreciate you more than you can ever know :0)


Monterey Bay Aquarium

Alexi and his best friend went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium this week. The kids had a blast exploring and seeing all the fish and aquatic animals. The splash zone was a huge hit with the under 3 crowd. There were tons of things to touch and feel. Alexi liked dressing up as a fish, and in the end, ran himself to exhaustion. He fell asleep on the way out...perfect trip!


Happy New Year!

Oh, I've been very bad about blogging lately. Now that we're back to normal(ish) life I'm putting forth more of an effort to keep up with the blogging!

This year is going to be quite an interesting experience for all of us. The Hubs is working harder than ever before. Alexi has started Spanish Immersion preschool, and will likely move into a full time pre-school program in the fall. Math is turning into a full blown big kid right in front of our eyes, and I've decided to go pro on the photographing front. Should be a wild ride :0)