We did our first trip to the Exploratorium last month for a field trip with Math's school. Woah! So cool...especially the grounds surrounding the building. All the moms were all saying how we'd love to have gotten married right under one of those amazing arches...

First off, place was fantastic for kids of all ages (though toddlers might be a little tough, there was a space for them to play, too). We had kids ages 5-12 and all of them had a blast! There was tons of things to touch and explore and experiment. The kids got to watch a cow eye dissection (their faces were pretty priceless), and they enjoyed roaming around with free-reign of the entire space. We went during a week-day and there were plenty of schools there for field trips. The food from the cafeteria was pretty decent, and they had a nice selection of healthy options. I noticed that as we were leaving (around 2pm), the whole place was near empty...so if you are visiting during during the week that would be an ideal time to start!

To quote The Terminator, "We'll be back..."


  1. I definitely agree. The exploratorium is a great place that caters to a child's endless interests! And your pictures looks beautiful!

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  2. Sounds like fun! Children are curious, it's a perfect place to learn a few things
    I will send my clients to check it out... Thanks

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