Young Chefs' Academy

When our son turned 7 he asked for a Ratatouille Party. I highly suspected most kids his age wouldn't want a bowl full of eggplant - I could be wrong, though! So we went with a Pizza party at Young Chefs' Academy in Sunnyvale. Chefs' Academy is a cooking school that is equipped with kid sized tables, cooking utensils/hardware, and great teachers.

When the kids came in they were given a chef hat to design. We had the soundtrack from the movie playing the background, and a Wisconsin Cheese hat as a decorative centerpiece. Then the real work began...the kids started by washing their hands (my MIL teaches nutrition - this is a very important first step!). Then they were taught how to make pizza dough. The kids were able to roll out their dough and add the toppings they liked. I was shocked how many kids tried adding things most wouldn't expect a kid to eat: olives, mushrooms, onions, etc. While the pizzas were baking the kids played some games, and the adults partook in the appetizers I brought for them. When pizzas were finished the kids got to cut up their pizzas with pizza wheels, and then ate some very yummy ice cream cake :0)