Caldrea Sweet Pea Laundry Products

I first heard about Caldrea Laundry Products from my sister-in-law who was working at a fancy boutique during her summer break from college. She went back to school taking with her a bottle of Caldrea stain remover since she liked the smell. While finishing up a pen and ink project for an art class she knocked over an entire bottle of black ink onto her dorm room carpet. Ewe. Anyway, she promptly squirt a bunch of the stuff on the nasty blackness that was now sure to be her lost deposit, and 10 minutes later the stain was gone. She got that deposit back in full at the end of the year, too!

So after hearing the rave reviews of this miracle stain remover I had to try it for myself. I’ve got two kids, and a husband after all... I absolutely love the stuff. We have the whole “Sweet Pea” line from the laundry soap to the diaper Surface wipes....it smells incredible, and it does a great job of cleaning up after the mess that is my family’s wearables.

My mother-in-law is still trafficking it down to me from Oregon (no sales tax!), but I do know Giggle in SF and Walnut Creek both carry a complete line.

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