Help A Mother Out at Baby Buzz

Yesterday was a very long day, but one of the highlights was a diaper drive hosted by Baby Buzz in Willow Glen through the organization Help a Mother Out. Help a Mother Out is a non-profit that collects and distributes diapers to families in need. I found out about it via Twitter and fellow tweep, Sarah. Karen, the owner of Baby Buzz, was also on hand to host the festivities.

I grabbed the rest of Alexi's diaper stash and we headed out for a day on the town. By the time we got to Baby Buzz I was burnt out from a long day. But Sarah and Karen were two laid back friendly ladies! They offloaded the diapers, gave the boys a snack, and poured me a nice glass of wine. Hello? Can we say new best friends to moms everywhere?

I thoroughly enjoyed my little rest, and explored the glorious store. I picked up a beautiful shower gift, and a really cool water bottle for Math. Before we left we got to witness an amazing surprise! The goal of the evening had been to hit 1,000 diapers. The Willow Glen branch from Valley Credit Union apparently got wind of this over Twitter and walked in with over 1,000 diapers! Totally unexpected, and a very ecstatic Sarah was overjoyed. It was a great night!

Just goes to show the power of cool people, and a little Twitter action, goes a long way for a great cause :0)


  1. awww, K, what a great post, thanks so much for coming out, and having the forethought to bring the camera, since, as you know, I was a bit beside myself! Can't wait to hang out again!!

  2. Awesome pics, Catherine!!! Thanks so much for coming!

  3. Fabulous pictures. Love the look of that store and yeah for donating diapers to Help A Mother Out. Found you a RT on Twitter too!

  4. GREAT post. I was so sorry to miss it, heard about it last minute. Terrific cause. I have heard about diaper donations. Glad to hear they have a drive here in the Bay Area.

  5. Well done! I live in the UK but my heart is in San Jose!