Keepsake Companion

My book group ladies threw me a surprise baby shower for my second son, and one of the best gifts they gave me (besides the awesomeness of their friendship) was this Keepsake Companion.

A woman in our community created these, and I can't rave enough about them! Let's face it, when you're on your second (or third or fourth), most of us don't have the time or energy to meticulously craft the handmade scrapbook Junior truly deserves. This companion was exactly what I needed, and filled me with glowing pride that I was not dooming Alexander to life as "a baby-bookless malcontent." Another plus was it didn't take a million years to put together either. I really enjoyed completing it, and flipping through to recall those snuggly newborn days (I was too sleep deprived to fully appreciate them back then).

There's a nifty guide that comes ready with all kinds of quick-refrence answers and practical checklists. The calendar portion comes with every milestone you could ever imagine printed on little stickers. There are also spots to add momentos, photos, and special thoughts, too.

My only complaint is that it didn't go beyond 12 months...it was so simple I could have easily have kept this kind of crono-documenting up till college ;0)

You can purchase these on-line or at Postal Annex in Rivermark, Santa Clara.

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