Library Lapsit

There are lots of Library Lapsits in and around the Bay Area, and I must say I highly recommend them. First, they are FREE! Second, you meet new moms with babies around the same age as yours. And lastly, it's a half hour totally devoted to your baby with no other distractions...no phone calls, no dishes, no laundry...just you and Junior in blissful screaming, pooping company.

That being said, I must say my experience at the Santa Clara Central Park Library was far from fluffy. The librarian there meant serious business. She didn't strike any of us as the warmest of creatures, but she was very informational (Baby Einstein is the DEVIL, TV before the age of 2 will kill brain cells, and Literacy is KEY, people!...we called her the Lapsit Natzi). In any case, I took Alexander there faithfully every Thursday for 6 months. We liked it...there was something almost comforting in her passion to drive literate infants into the world, we also loved having the room after story time to chat and let the babies roll around. But, the best part to Thursday lapsit was when we'd all go out to lunch at Santana Row to commiserate about mothering and life :0)

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