Boing, Boing - Sky High Sports

It’s getting cooler here in the Bay Area..and finding more indoor activities was a big priority for me this past month. There is a indoor trampoline complex in Santa Clara called Sky High Sports that fulfilled all of the requirements I was looking for (indoors, fun, and affordable). Alexander had a blast bouncing on the trampolines, jumping in the foam pit, and playing with the dodge-balls during their Monday Toddler Jump from 12-2pm. Yes, the place smells like gym socks, and yes, it’s during core nap-hours which I found a bit aggravating, but there is nothing quite like the joy of an exhausted toddler and 3 hours to yourself when he finally crashes.

Sky High also has an evening Tues/Thurs class called AIRorobics for adults...sounds like quite the workout!

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