Oopa Baby Slings

When I first found out I was pregnant there was only ONE thing that I told my husband I absolutely HAD to have...and that was this sling. Oopa slings are absolutely gorgeous, hand made out of the most luxurious materials, and have beautiful patterns and colors to choose from. There is also a generously-sized zippered pocked sewn into the tail to make holding your keys, phone, wallet, etc convenient. Being rather short myself, I opted for the “petite” size which was wonderful since most ring slings are made for woman of average height (You know you’re not average height when the tail drags behind you like Linus’ blanket).

A year and a half later...the thing is still going strong and looks brand new (and washes awesome in the machine)! I still use it on impromptu errands where I’ve forgotten the shoes and I am too lazy to drag out the stroller..which happens a lot, actually.

Due Maternity on California in San Francisco has them in stock, or you can order directly from Oopa’s website.

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