For the mom in your life

I love my mom. In many ways she's a lot like me which is probably why we are able to piss each other off so completely at times, but she's the one who made me who I am for better and for worse. Being adopted I appreciate so much more the power to love another person despite birth or circumstance. I understand unconditional love without prejudice or discretion. Being a mother, I appreciate the visceral possession of a child who will forever be irrecoverably yours no matter how old they get. And being a daughter, I understand that no rules apply when it comes to what your mom can and can't say to you!

With Mother's Day it seems almost unfathomable that a gift could represent or convey the aforementioned feelings. But since it is fast approaching I suppose it's time to think about what to bestow Mom. Can a gift even begin to scratch the surface of your appreciation for her? Heck no! But you gotta get something for the woman who mothered you (and a nice card, too!).

Here's some options:

I love this tea set from Teavana! It's got just a touch of Euro-chic and comes with a removable infuser insert.

For the mom who loves a nice soak why not these amazing smelling bath cubes by Fresh (lychee is my favorite)?

All moms love reminicing about memories past. How about a wonderful photo book? If you have a Mac it's easy...or you can use Snapfish, too!

And lastly, for the mom who loves to give back how about a donation in her name? Charity Choice offers over a hundred different reputable organizations to choose from!

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  1. that is a super cute pic of your mom with her kids then her grandkids, but the most amazing part is how fantastic her red hair still is!! :)