I think we need to get one of these...

It's swim season already here in The Valley. Alexi has become fearless when it comes to the pool, but he's not a huge fan of swim lessons atm. He regularly likes to get in and out of the pool making me a sopping mess most of the time running in and out after him. He mostly just likes to stand on the stairs, and I've got about 5 pairs of eyes besides my own always on him, but I need something that gives me a tiny piece of mind just in case he falls in. I think it's time to invest in one of these. He hates his infant float because his mobility is severely obstructed, and he's not strong enough to stay afloat with the regular arm swimmies. I'm not touting floats as life saving devices, but they might give you a few extra seconds to jump in after them...

This thing just might do the trick!

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  1. You may want to look into him a Puddle Jumpers life vest. I just saw a bit about it in a magazine and then google'd it and it looks like it gets great reviews, and best of all doesn't seem to limit the child's mobility as much as regular flotation thingies. I am thinking of getting one for my toddler son.

    You can find them on amazon and target.com. and here are some reviews:


    Good luck!