Do you have a color-coded life?

Yes, I'm nuts. I know this, but not for the reason you'd think...

This is the ONLY way to organize all the things in my life. I used to write everything down on little scraps of paper and leave them all over the house. I still do this to some extent (much to my husband's chagrin), but I've massively consolidated over the years. From tutoring sessions to dentist appointments I needed a way to organize it all, and a way to have it with me at all times. Thankfully iCal syncs up with my phone and back again to my computer so I always have an updated copy of what is going on and when and where I'm supposed to be.

Still, I realize I look like a complete OCD nut when you see the picture. Seriously, if you saw my desk you'd know this is not the case ;0)


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. You are a busy and active mom. While I have the same ical/sync to iPhone set up as you, I still write things on post-its...

    Glad I came across your blog...you share so many wonderful links... enjoyed reading them.

  2. Uh, yup ;) all about the OCD :)
    you might like my podcast/blog Moms Gone Geek http://www.MomsGoneGeek.net --- check out the Google Juice article :)

    thanks 4 the cute comment on my posterous blog :) your blog looks very cool!