Aqui Cal-Mex and Powell's Sweet Shop

This weekend we met up with some friends in Willow Glen for dinner. We arrived at Aqui Cal-Mex on the early side. Saturdays can make for some pretty busy dining on Lincoln, so we saved ourselves the hassle of finding seating by arriving at 5:30. All of us being night people this timing equated itself to a relatively late lunch, but I digress.

Aqui's is known for serving healthy Mexican fusion foods, hence "Cal-Mex." They boast all natural, organic ingredients, and daily and seasonal offerings. If you're looking for authentic Mexican food this definitely isn't the place, but the grub is tasty and the margaritas are large. The kid's menu is affordable, and I like they offer a side of beans, rice, or fruit along with the main meal.

We found a table in the corner, and there was a huge supply of high-chairs that basically shouted "kid friendly!" Alexander set to work on some guacamole and chips, and Matthew slurped up his rootbeer in 30 seconds flat. Jesse and I both ordered margaritas (his strawberry, mine blended with salt). I have no idea what is in these badboys, but they are good..and your face goes numb in about 15 minutes. The sangria is also pretty tasty.

I've tried a lot on the menu at Aqui's, but the turkey meatball stroganoff special I had last night was pretty much awesome.

After dinner we sidled over to Powell's Sweet Shop. Entering Powell's is tantamount to stepping back in time. Victorian England comes to mind. Charlie Bucket would not feel out of place in this shop (not surprisingly, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory plays on a movie screen in the back of the store). There is candy everywhere; some of it mainstream, some of it nostalgic, some of it obscure, and all of it mouth-watering.

Both of these shops are located on Lincoln Avenue in Willow Glen, San Jose. Powell's is also located in Burlingame and Los Gatos.


  1. We also love going to Aqui for a super yummy lunch. Than head across the street to Powell's for a yummy treat!

  2. I love the Aqui Swirl best of all....Sangria in the bottom then frozen margarita to fill the glass. And you're right, it only takes one to loosen you up, to say the least!