I drank the Kool-aid...

So, if you're like me you heard whispers of this new thing called Zumba, but didn't pay too much attention. Then suddenly you look around, and it seems like all the moms you know are partaking in this Zumba thing, but you still have no clue what is going on. So finally you ask, "What the hell is Zumba???" And they tell you, "It's exercise." *shrug*

BUT, what they didn't tell you is it's the Latin-dance workout that's sweeping the globe. What they didn't tell you is that even if you are a spastic, rhythmless nerd you'll go back for more, wanting to salsa your way to cardiovascular bliss. What they didn't tell you is it's the most fun you'll ever have. They didn't tell you any of this because the classes are so full it's impossible to sign up fast enough. And once you're in, you're irrevocably hooked...

Check our your nearest community rec-center or gym to see if they offer classes. The rec-center is great since some have morning drop-in classes and cheap babysitting to boot :0)

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