I was back in Pali this afternoon with a friend and her son. We call the kids Alex ^2 or Alex squared because they both have the same name. They're pretty different in many ways...my Alex is short and chubby, her Alex is long and lean. My Alex is impulsive and mischievous, her Alex is thoughtful and intelligent. But, both our Alexes are VERY cute, and it's cool to see their budding personalities take shape.

Anyway, we did our usual park routine, and then hit up Thaiphoon for lunch. Thaiphoon is located on Emerson a block off University. It's a nice little restaurant with polite, efficient service. The hostess was very accommodating on seating, and we choose to sit outside since it was nice out. The lunch menu was extensive, and most meals (consisting of soup, salad, main course, and rice) cost around $8-$10. The kids behaved, the waitstaff was attentive, and we enjoyed a nice relaxing meal in the warm California sunshine. Bliss...

Veggie soup was light, and a slightly spicy. Very nice.

Isn't this pretty? I like how it came bento style, and was just the right amount of food!

Alexander enjoying his meal, eating like a civilized child for once.

Alex waiting for the bill.

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