Bebe au Lait

I like to think I'm progressive, but I'm also a prude. Maybe it was my Irish-Catholic upbringing that made me this way (I'm adopted, so take that nature vs. nuture), but the idea of breastfeeding my baby in public was mortifying. When I was living in Oregon I really admired the mothers who could just rip off their shirt and bear-all, staring down anyone who might dare say otherwise. For me, I was desperate to find some way to keep things "under-wraps," and not be forced to slink back to the car or a dirty bathroom.

In comes Bebe au Lait! Bebe au Lait is a small company started out of Los Gatos that offers chic, cleverly designed print and organic nursing covers. They come in so many hip, contemporary fabrics it's impossible to choose just one. The simple rectangle of fabric is packed full of little features, too. On the back side there is a built in pocket made out of terrycloth that holds small essentials and also works as a burp cloth. The neck line has a thin strip of rigid plastic that allows you to see your baby, and keep air-flow breezy. It machine washes beautifully. And lastly, they have a great sense of humor about it all. The company used to be called, "Hooter Hiders," and you can still buy the covers with the old company name on them. I love that!

Even if you don't breastfeed your baby, I found this cover to be useful. It made a great impromptu sun/wind shade, especially if you do the baby-wearing thing at the park or the beach. I'd just sling up Alexander and then hang the Bebe au Lait over my neck to keep him snuggly and protected (better than a blanket since you can't drop it!). So for any new mom out there...this one's for you!

Using the Bebe au Lait as a makeshift stroller liner at Disneyland

You can purchase Bebe au Lait covers at Maternal Connections within El Camino Hospital, Right Start in Palo Alto, The Children's Shoppe in Menlo Park, Due Maternity in San Francisco, Nordstrom, and a bunch of other places all around The Valley.

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  1. I just had to add that I love my Hooter Hider and used it all the time with my little guy. So worth every penny.