Wiggling Works!

My wiggly kid during morning calisthenics

"Stop wiggling, and pay attention!" How many times have you as a parent said this? If you're the mom of a "wiggle worm" you know what I mean. Homework time is a chore, teachers mention your child can't seem to sit still and concentrate in class, and you can't help but feel that your child is a bit more sensitive to his environment than most (these are the shirt tag haters and the toe seam complainers). Kids wiggle. It's a fact. But some kids wiggle more than others, and sometimes those wiggles take over all other forms of concentration. Most kids don't have sensory integration issues, but I'm always surprised how many parents don't know the helpfulness of OT for typical kids. In comes the Movein'Sit, because sometimes a little movement is all you need (any of you leg jigglers out there can relate).

The Movein'Sit is an inflatable air-cushon with little nubby bumps all over it. It helps improve proper posture while sitting, and provides just enough "wiggle room" for children with attention and sensory integration issues. My son liked that he could wiggle just a tiny bit without anyone noticing, and it helped him get the wiggles out without being a distraction to anyone else.

You can buy the Movin'sit via Berkley's Beyond Play website.

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