Sprinkles Cupcakes

I'm sorry, but you haven't had a cupcake till you've had a Sprinkles Cupcake.

These aren't your everyday, run of the mill cupcakes, either. These are high-end, gourmet cupcakes that come in a wide array of flavors. The cake itself is not very sweet, but the sugary frosting balances the whole entirely. Each and every cake is scrumptious, but we're nuts about the strawberry flavored ones in this house. Next week's book group meeting is about breast cancer survival so I'm thinking about bringing the pink ones since they kinda go with the theme ;0)

This Beverly Hills establishment is sweeping the nation, and I am glad we have one in The Valley to call our own. Don't have a Sprinkles in your hometown? No problem! Buy the mix at your local Williams Sonoma.

Sprinkles is located in the Stanford Shopping Center.

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