Mom shoes...

"Mom shoes" are kindof an obligatory essential to any mother's wardrobe. I've always been partial to flats since I'm accident prone on top of being a spaz. I don't like Crocs. I haven't joined an "I hate Crocs" fan club or anything, but do hold a deep-seated resentment towards the whole clog movement in general. Comfort is key, but who said comfort had to be traded in for fashion?

Here are some great spring finds:

I had a giftcard to blow so I just picked up a pair of these at the Coach store. They are SO comfortable, and they look pretty snazzy on. But, I just saw these on the web and they are even cuter!

I love Lacoste shoes so much it's kindof ridiculous. These look a little sporty, go with anything, and they're great for at the park.

Saw these at Nordstrom the other day. They are pretty and feminine, but look like they'd hold up out and about.

Chucks are all the rage again, so why not grab a pair to complete your shoe collection? I like that these don't have laces so they are easy to put on and kick off.

And lastly, this is a shameless Burton shout out. My hipster brother in law works for the company, and introduced me to the Gravis shoe line that came out several years back. Skate shoes are notorious for being very comfortable, and Burton for being very fashion forward. These would go great with a pair of jeans!

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