Brunch Bashing???

Another weekend, another opportunity for brunch...at least that's how I always look at it! On University Ave in Palo Alto there is a place called University Cafe that consistently serves tasty, no-frills brunch fare. I was just looking at the reviews and was really disappointed to see some do not share the same love I have for this establishment. Many complaints were about slow service, but in my experience (and we eat here about 2-3 times a month) service has been just fine. I wouldn't call it over the top, but it's an order/seat yourself joint. There's not much service to be procured other than food being brought out. *shrug*

It's advisable not to come during peak hours because it's seat yourself, and unless you have a rather aggressive personality finding space for a group of 6 can be cut-throat. You order at the bar, you get a number, and then your food is brought to you. The tables are lined with paper so the kids always love coloring while we wait for our food. I love the open airy atmosphere of this place, and the outdoor seating is nice in the summer. The old school looking coffee roaster is always wafting off some rather pleasing aromas, too. Add that to the yummy breakfast food and I'm a happy camper.

Coffee roaster

Coffee is good (so is milk).

Eggs Bruschetta, my favorite.

Hubbs like the pankcakes...

So do the kids.

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