Calling All Moms....

I've been on the hut for some really cute mom calling cards. If you've never heard of mom cards before they are basically business cards with your kid's names and your contact info. This card thing brings back memories of reading Little Town on the Prairie and the name cards Laura used to exchange with her friends. Her mom gave her some money to purchase them and she was so tickled about it. I am, too!

Anyway, in these modern times, I am often at the park, or at a playdate, or at a class and invariably I run into a cool new mom and we hit it off. Then one of us says, "We should totally get together! What's your number?" And I never have a pen, and I've usually forgotten my phone (which is a crime according to my husband). So I think I have a real need for these ;0) Stash a few in the diaper bag, you know? I bet these would make a really sweet baby shower or new mom gift, too!

It's down to these two options. They're both awesome for different reasons. Which do you think?

I really like these cards because you can add photos! And the prints are really fresh and modern.

And then I saw these on Etsy, and they are really cute in a sorta Victorian vintage sortof way.

Tough decision!


  1. I really like the busy-ness of the first one. However, I'm super skeptical about putting my kids pictures in ANYONEs hands! So.. I think that's more of a person thing. I'd go for price. LOL! Good luck! It is a really good idea though - I've thought of making some myself.

    Remember you can also go to Office Depot and just buy a pack of business cards ($15) and print your own out right at home!

  2. Hi Catherine....did you ever end up with mom cards? If not, check out Little Lamb...they were kind enough to provide the monkey note cards in our gift bags, which also included a coupon. She is very nice and does custom graphics.