Shameless Shooting Shoutout

Seems like everyone these days is a budding photographer. I don't claim to be one, nor even close by any standards, but I really do enjoy it a lot! I'm also enjoying the learning process even though it's grueling...sometimes it seems like great photographers don't want to share how they do it, and the others want you to pay for it, lol. But, there's a wealth of information and technique tips if you know where to look!

I love the Pioneer Woman. She breaks everything down into easy to follow directions - recipes, decorating, heck, even Photoshop! She had a guest blog post by a photographer who did a tutorial on doorway photography. I tried it out...so fun! So cute!

Lens was an 85mm fixed, 1.8f. ISO 200. I used Photoshop to sharpen up the eyes and a minor boost, but the lighting is all natural :0)


  1. amazing! so cute! (And I have to say I dig the outfit.)

  2. Awe, thanks :0)

    Yea, That hat is one of my faves. I'm going to be sad when neither of them can wear it anymore :0(

  3. I love those doorway shots. I'm definitely going to have to take a try at these. Off to check out Pioneer Woman's blog right now. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What are you talking about...these pics are fab!!! I'm loving your blog too!!

  5. You are too sweet. Everyday I'm getting a little better, or at least picking up a new trick or technique, so at least I'm learning!