Summer Sun Means Sandal Fun!

YAY! The weather is warm, the pool is open, and the only thing that's missing is footwear for the kiddies. I'm listing off my personal favorites...
Sride Rite Wyatt. The name keeps changing, the style does not. I've been buying Matthew the same pair of shoes each year for the past 8 years, and there's a good reason why. They are industructable, they look great dressed up or down, and they come in widths (anyone with a child with wide feet can attest to this particular woe). Even better, Great Mall in Milpitas has a Stride Rite outlet store so you can get them much cheaper, too.

I'm told (from very good sources) Havaianas are the hottest footware in Latin America and Spain. These Brazilian made sandals are fast becoming popular here in the States, too. Matthew was gifted a pair last summer, and they easily became his favorite pool sandals. They are rubber so you can wear them in the shower, come in a huge array of fresh colors and styles. and are very comfy. If you aren't fortunate enough to have a Latin-American traveling girlfriend, then these can be found at Nordstrom and I also hear reports of people finding them at Marshalls, too!

Here's another international gem I've come across. S'avarca's are favorites of the Spanish Royals, and look so comfortable and cute. I think Alexi would look very cute in them, but he's got a huge collection of gorgeous Spanish hand me downs that he can't seem to tear through fast enough :0) Might have to break down and get them anyway. 3 Soles is the only distributer here in the US selling these shoes.

And lastly, a more local brand, Rainbow Sandals. Math has outgrown two pairs of these, and is coming up on his third this summer! Until recentely, if you lived outside of California it's doubtful you'd heard of Rainbows before. I think they were SoCal's best kept secret for a long time, alas, no longer. Rainbows are super comfy board sandals that come with built in arch support. Customer service is reportably excellent as well. Rainbows are now becoming mainstream for the rest of us mere mortals. Pick up a pair at your local Nordstrom or Pac Sun.

PS - Moms, all but the Stride Rites come in your size, too! :0)

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  1. In summer time..sandals are need for baby..so it's nice for the babies...